Sunday, October 23, 2005

Still no Frost

still no significant frost at the vineyard as of Sunday 10/23/2005. As
of writing this, I don't there has been a hard frost yet ... though I am
not sure, since I am down in Madison.

We had a frost yesterday am, and this morning ... the first frosts I
have recorded here.

Vines had some yellow in them, even a couple of red leaves. The
experimental vineyard, still looking bad due to the deer damage. Some
color there too. I think the deer may be still nibbling on whats left.

Pulled the irrigation hose (and the dock) on Saturday. Loosened up the
trellis wires too, although they already seemed quite loose.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

No frost yet

I stopped by the vineyard last weekend, and we still
haven't had a frost. As of today, still no frost.

Some of the Park vineyard vines had a bit of yellow on the
leaves, but not really changing to fast. Noticed that
many of the wild vines have already changed yellow.

The pit vineyard, is still recovering from the deer damage
last month. Many of the newly sprouted leaves are light
green to yellow, but probably started out that way.
Noticed a hint of red in some of the older leaves. Not
sure if they will change or not.

Currently no frost predicted for the next 7 days.