Friday, October 13, 2006

First frost/freeze of Autumn 2006

The vineyard got its first frost/freeze of the fall early yesterday morning. We had some very light frosts in the bottom corner earlier in the autumn, but this was the first real frost that affected the whole vineyard.

Things seemed to harden off several days ago, so I think the vineyard has entered the winter in a healthy state.

Blog entries will probably slow a bit .... I may enter a few about the high tunnel, but Things will start going agian when we hit our winter cold spells, and into the spring.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Little bit of color

I don't know why, but the vines definitely are showing more color this year. I noticed it in many of the wild grapes down here in Madison, and I can definitely tell there is more color in the Vineyard in Sampson.

Still no frost, except for the bottom corner. I expect to get hit within the next few days though. The whole state should get below freezing in the next few days. I pulled the irrigation pump out this weekend, and emptied the hose lines, so I'm ready. Looks like the vines have hardened off well. A good preparation for the upcoming winter, so I think they are ready too.