Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Bud break

As expected bud break is later than average this year.   Somewhat surprisingly, this date is not that unusual.  Below is a table of bud break dates at Sampson Valley Vineyard over the last 9 years.

Growing Year
Date of bud break
GDD at Bud break *
2014 5/21/2014
2013 5/17/2013
2012 5/6/2012
2011 5/21/2011
2010 5/3/2010
2009 5/22/2009
2008 5/22/2008
2007 5/4/2007
2006 5/4/2006
* base 50, GDD since April 1.

Note that the bud break average date is May 13.   Average GDD at bud break is 134.   So bud break this year is only about a week behind the 9 year average.

Based on forecasted temperatures and average temperatures after the extended forecast period, bloom is estimated to begin on June 18.

So far most vines look like they survived the severe winter quite well.   The one notable exception so far is foch.    Looking at the foch buds during pruning, we were seeing significant bud damage.   We are seeing good bud growth now, so hopefully there was no major trunk or vine vascular damage.