Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Veraison just around the corner?

Veraison has begun in Madison.   Bud break in Madison preceded Sampson by about 10 days, and bloom in Madtown was about week before it occurred in Sampson.   I predict we should start seeing the first signs of veraison in Sampson in next week or two.

The picture below is from today and showd the veraison progress in the seedless grape Reliance growing in my front yard in Madison.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Something new

St Pepin cluster with split berries.

We had a a fairly heavy rain on Friday (7/26).   The first significant rain in about 2 weeks.   As I was walking through the vineyard I noticed several split berries.   I've never seen split berries at this point in the season.   I assume that it is due to the recent rain, but I am not certain.    It looks like about 10% of the St Pepin berries are affected.   Maybe 5% of the La Crescent and 5% of the Foch.   Most other cultivars don't have any splitting.