Monday, September 21, 2009

Foch and lacrescent picked

early start

I picked Foch and Lacrescent on Sunday. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to measure the final brix on the foch. The Lacrescent was at 23.3 brix. I hope to measure the ph and TA tonight.

I also checked the lacrosse and st pepin.
st pepin was 18.8
lacrosse was 16.2

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brix numbers .... ripening before frost will be close

I took berry samples from all of the grape varieties in the vineyard. Here are the sugar numbers Measure 9/15/09 ( I haven't measured acids yet)

Foch 17.3
LaCrescent 21.8
St Pepin 17.6
Lacrosse 15.1
Seedless Concord 16.1

*Marquette 21.1
*Frontenac 22.3
*Prairie Star 18.9

Chardonnay 16.8
Merlot 15.3
Cab Franc 14.1
Cab sauv 12.5

(*only a few pounds each of these)