Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brix update

Readings from yesterday

Frontenac  17.9  (surprisingly a bit low?)
Marquette  19.8
LaCrescent 21.1 (Vineyard block 3)
LaCrescent 19.2 (Vineyard block 1)
St Pepin   15.0
LaCrosse  (not measured)
Prairie Star  (not measured)
Foch (not measured)

Picking is currently estimated to be about 3 weeks away. (Sept 8)

Friday, August 03, 2012

Aug 2 Veraison update

Veraison is proceeding nicely Marquette is about 80% complete, Frontenac is about 40%, Foch is still less than 5%.   Below are some pictures from walking through the vineyard yesterday.  We have lots of rain the last few weeks.   I saw a bit of downy mildew in some of the dense canopies.   I hit the vines with some organic fixed copper yesterday afternoon.  




Prairie Star

Prairie Star