Saturday, May 28, 2005

Vineyard Status

Got out to the vineyard about mid morning. I went
to check out the new Gravel Pit vineyard. The first row
of cabernet franc had pretty much all broken bud, the row
next to it which was merlot also was budded out well.
Only about half of the 3rd row which was a different type
of cabernet frac was budded out.... NONE of the chardonnay
had broken bud. Not sure why?

The park vineyard needed some major mowing, and I
spent a lot of the next hour mowing with my trail mower.
More of the vines had broken bud.

There was some surprising poor budding by some of the
Foch. Even healthy vines did not completely bud out. I
changed the oil on the weed whipper mower while it rained
in the afternoon. I then took the weed whipper to the pit
vineyard and mowed the space to the west to put down the 6
mil 10 ft x 100 ft black plastic. (the 20 x 100 stuff I
had put down before was only 4.5 mil)

I also adjusted the deer fence to accommodate the
additional row.

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