Monday, August 29, 2005

Picked grapes at Mitchel Vineyard Aug 26, 2005

Friday I picked about 60 lbs of Foch grapes at Mitchel Vineyard near Oregon, WI.

The grapes were 4th year foch grafted on 3309 root stock. This was the first harvest from
these vines.

The amount of grapes hanging were impressive. It took very little time for me to pick 60
lbs of grapes (about 45 minutes) The 60 lbs of grapes filled two 7 gal fermenter buckets.
I had half of them crushed.

From what I have been reading lately, it sounds like things are ripening quite fast this
year. Even near Minneapolis, the grapes are getting close to pick. I don't have a
refractometer yet, but I may pick this weekend in my vineyard. I hope to have about 20
lbs of foch.

I may pick some wild ripera also. and try to make a wine from it.

My vineyard in Sampson had over 2 inches of rain Friday night (8/26/2005), so the brix may
have dropped on them ... we will see how things look.

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