Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas at Sampson Valley Vineyard

Finally got out to the vineyard this weekend. The first time since November. After having a couple of cold snaps (-2F was the coldest), we have been basking in the mid 30's for the last couple of days.

The Park Vineyard:

Things looking good so far. Things seemed to harden off well, and the deer haven't disturbed things as far as I can tell.

Since I will need to replace some of the foch that didn't make it, I cut about a dozen grape cuttings to attempt to root them. This is my first attempt at rooting, "Sticks" so it should be interesting. I have Lon Rombough's "the Grape Grower" to guide me.

Other wise everything is looking healthy there.

The Pit Vineyard:

The pit vineyard is still snuggly tucked under the tarps. I noticed that the tarps looked a little flatter than I expected. I thought the vines would be holding the tarps up more, but I don't think any harm was done. The warm weather the last few days is making a heavy wet blanket I'm sure. James was right, the north end did have about 10 feet of the top tarp layer pulled up, but I think the lower tarp was still in place.

I probably won't get back to the vineyard until sometime in January or February.

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