Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Harvest numbers from Sept. 11, 2010

We harvested Prairie star, Marquette, frontenac, and the remaining LaCrescent Here are the harvest numbers:

Prairie Star 19.2
LaCrescent 20.5
The Prairie Star and LaCrescent were blended, so I only did a ph and TA on the blend which was
ph 3.30 ta* 11 g/L

Marquette 24.2 ph 3.18 ta* 12.5g/L
Frontenac 23.2 ph 3.16 ta 14 g/L

*The TAs may be a bit off, since my Sodium Hydroxide was old.

The prairie star and lacrescent, would have had much higher sugars, but almost half of the prairie star and lacrescent were eaten by birds, and they chose the ripest bunches.

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