Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planting another Acre next year ... maybe

Future Expansion
I'm seriously considering putting in one more acre of vines next year.   I made a rough sketch of where they could go (see the above picture; the blue lines indicate new vineyard blocks).   The vines to the north of the building would be cold hardy seedless cultivars (about 80-100 vines).   The rest would either be Petite Pearl ( a U of Minn red wine cultivar) or Frontenac Blanc (a U of M white wine cultivar) or half of each.

Ideally the rows should be oriented North South, but due to the terrain, I will probably try to match the hill side with the vines to the south and south west of the building.

The vines are a lot of work.  Maybe I'm crazy to plant more vines, but I feel I need to plant this last acre at this site.

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