Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rose chafer arrives 2 weeks early

The rose chafers have returned. It's about 2 weeks earlier than usual. Luckily damage from them should be manageable this year. They mostly affect young vines, and most of the vines are 4 years old or older now.

We may see some damage to flower clusters, which may affect yield, but for the most part we should be okay.


Unknown said...

We are on 8-1/2 acres in Michigan's lower peninsula. We planted 3 concord, 3 catawba, 2 blue lake and 1 frontenac gris grape vines. Our rose chafers began emerging this past weekend (memorial weekend). So far we're just picking them off, but we're going to try the trap idea. We also covered one of the grapes with netting. The chafers love our cherry trees that we also just planted this year. Best of luck to you.

Jerrold said...

Your strategy is definitely the way to go Jason.

Traps did seem to work the couple of years I used them. Sevin is just not an option for grapes in bloom because of the risk to honey bees. My vines have finally matured enough so that the chafers are now just an annoyance. Good luck to you also.