Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weeding and canopy management/ vine training

I spent the last weekend up at the vineyard again. Most of the chardonnay has finally
broken bud. I think 2 or 3 still had not. Maybe a total of a half dozen vines have not
broken bud from the original 60 that were planted.

The cabernet Sauvignon planted two weeks later have not broken bud yet, but I do see some
signs of them pushing through.

I have not finished setting up the irrigation yet, but we have had rain every couple of
days at the vineyard, so things seemed adequately moist.

It looks like a deer may have run through the vineyard at the pit, since one of the wires
around it was pulled through the middle. I didn't see any damage though.

I had Kellan and Michael there to weed. They got about 4 full rows done. Another 4 need
to be done.

I mowed, but I set the mower high. The grass hadn't grown too much in the 2 weeks I was
gone. I plan on mowing it shorter next time.

I also spent a lot of time pruning off shoots from the bases, and tying vines to the
plastic coated metal stakes that I am using. I put the vine cuttings in between the rows
on the grass to be mulched in. I severely cut back several vines, and tried to select the
strongest cane to become the trunk. I also snipped a lot of the grapes I saw growing,
hoping to divert some of the energy into new growth.

I hope to get some trellising done next weekend, since some of my winter die off, may have been due to vine injury from poor trellis support during the growing season.

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