Sunday, April 16, 2006

Buds swelling in Sampson

My weekends are full the next 3 weeks, so I took the opportunity to do a little work on the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The foch buds are really swelling. I hope they don't break soon, because there still is a lot of time that a frost is possible. I was encouraged by how little winter kill I experienced.

It's been drier up in Sampson than down in Madison. We could use a little rain up there.
I took the tarp off the second half of the experimental vinifera. These looked better than the first half I uncovered. When I prunned them they were nice and green inside.

Unfortunately, some of the vines look like they were a mid winter snack. I am concerned about the vines that were heavily gnawed by rodents. At least one chardonnay vine was definitely killed. I suspect several others may have also died. I thought the winter might get them, but it looks like it may have been mice.

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