Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spraying Lime sulfur

I took it easy on Friday, but Saturday it was back to work. I was able to find lime sulfur at Stein's in Green Bay. I had contacted a supplier near Madison, but they hadn't replied to my email, so I was very happy to find it in Green Bay. Lime sulfur used as a dormant spray is used primarily to control anthracnose. From what I learned at the MGGA convention in February I think my vines had it last year. My Foch are a sulfur sensitive variety, so lime sulfur can only be sprayed when the vines are dormant. Since foch are sensitive to sulfur I decided to only spray 3 out of the four rows of Foch. The top one and the bottom two. Lime sulfur while considered organic is still quite poisonous/dangerous, so I wore the appropriate goggles/mask, and protective clothing when spraying. It also smells like rotten eggs, so it's also a good idea to let neighbors know. Luckily there was little to no wind, and spraying went well with the exception that the sprayer I bought was a "lemon." I ended up spraying 1 of 2 rows of Lacrosse, the row of Landot Noir and 3 of the 4 rows of foch. I did not spray the St Pepin or the seedless concord. I may spray the st pepin at Easter time if they are still dormant. I may also hit the Vinifera at that time too.

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