Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rose chafers return and so do the deer

Well, the Rose chafers are back ..... they already laid waste to about a half dozen laCrescent, and about 3 concords. They really like the young foliage. I found them on the saint pepin and foch too, but the most damage is to the recent plantings. I also saw considerable damage from the grape flea beetle and its larvae. The hit some of the foch, but nothing the vines can't handle. They hit some of the saint pepin harder, but I think they will spring back. I sprayed the top 5 rows of vines with Omri approved Insecticidal Soap. It is organic, although it should not be sprayed on vines from bloom until shatter. The top five rows are not in bloom yet, nor do I intend to allow them to bear fruit this year. It looked like it may already be working on some of the rose chafers.

I also sprayed kaligreen on the vines this evening. This is Potasium bicarbonate. Used primarily to kill powdery mildew. Also organic.
The deer struck the pit vineyard again. Did quite a bit of feasting. Kellan and Brent helped me put up a 4 strand 6 foot high fence. Hopefully it will slow them down. They also were nibbling on the vines at the park; especially the bottom row.
Although their damage was much more severe at the park.
In addition to mowing and spraying, I spent a lot of time pruning suckers from the vine bases, and retraining some of the vines with bad trunks etc. I'll try to take some pictures tomorrow and post them.

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