Wednesday, September 13, 2006

2006 harvest is complete

The 2006 harvest at Sampson Valley Vineyard was complete Sunday morning September 10, 2006. After a very cold morning (about 40 F) I had a perfect day for picking grapes. (no pictures yet)

Only foch was ready to pick this year. There were a few handfulls of lacrosse, saint pepin, and landot noir, but not enough to make any wine. Nine of my nieces and nephews helped, along with several of my brothers and sisters. Many hands made fast work .... we picked all of the grapes in about 1 hour! It was only 260 lbs, still, we made very good time. (note the size of my harvest increased 20 fold over last year's "tolken" harvest.)

That evening I measured my sugar, and acid ...

Brix 19.6
PH 3.16
TA 11.6 g/L

Better numbers than I had thought. But not great.

Next year I expect to have a harvest 4 to 6 times the size of this year's.

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