Sunday, September 03, 2006

Foch Not ripe yet

I checked the titratable acid, ph and sugar on Thursday August 31. The brix was 17.2, TA was 1.5-1.6 g/liter, and the ph was 2.82. Not ripe at that point. The juice had a vegitative smell. Today ... Sunday, I checked the sugar again (not the acid) and it was up to 17.8 brix. The smell is much sweeter, and blackberry like. I think I will be ready to pick next weekend. There are chances for rain next few days, but I think I should be dry enough to harvest by the weekend. The sugar is lower than I would like, but I don't want to risk losing the crop due to predation or rot.

I will take measurements on Friday, and decide at that point if I will harvest on Sunday.

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