Monday, August 18, 2008

A dry month

The last 30 days of precipitaion (SVV pointed to by the black arrow.)

We are very dry again in the vineyard this summer. Fortunately, unlike last year, we did get a lot of early season rain in April, May and June. But we have been very dry since then. No significant rain in over a month. I will definitely have irrigation in place before next year. The image above is from NOAA's experimental precip page.

It shows the last 30 days at the vineyard, we have received about .25-.5 " of rain ... honestly I think that estimate is way too high. (the black arrow points to Sampson Valley Vineyard.) It's hard to tell because the arrow is too thick, but it is pointing to the light blue in Oconto County.

Veraison is spotty. The few clusters of foch I have hanging this year is about halfway, but the seedless concord have no color. I think things will start moving fast now.

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