Monday, August 02, 2010

Veraison has begun .... in July!

Veraison started July 30-31 in Marquette and Frontenac. A couple of weeks ahead of schedule. Foch are not quite there yet. Looks like an early harvest ... probably the end of August or very early September.

Note: I will not have sufficient quantities this year for commercial wineries, but any home wine makers should be able to find plenty of nice grapes this year. All varieties of hybrids (lacrescent, lacrosse, st pepin) available at $0.75/lb (in any quantity.) I also have some very limited quantities of prairie star, foch, marquette, and frontenac.

If you're interested in buying pick-your-own wine grapes email or call 331-grapes1 (331-472-7371) to schedule a picking.


GladBadger said...

My Marquette grapes near Madison have entered veraison in the last few days.

Jerrold said...

Good to hear GladBadger! My post that you commented on was from last year, so no veraison here at Sampson so far. I started out 2-3 weeks behind 2010 at bud break, but with the consistent hot weather, I think I am only about week behind last year now. I'm usually a week behind Madison, so hopefully I should start seeing veraison on Marquette and Frontenac by early next week, and Foch will follow less than a week later.