Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The frost damage

Looks like the frost damage may be a bit more severe than I first thought. It looks like about 80% to 90 % or more of the buds that had broken, died. I thought that I already saw some of the secondary buds swelling. But these may be a second primary bud .... a similar thing was seen in Michigan a few years ago ... see http://www.canr.msu.edu/vanburen/grp423.htm

Even if those aren't a second primary, and is the secondary, all is not lost. Unless we have another freeze :( The extended forecast does not show much of a warming over the next week or so, maybe even another freeze next week. I hope not.

While yesterday was quite productive, with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Today was not. It rained steadily almost all day. We got a little less than a half inch at the vineyard. I was able to amend the soil where I will be planting the LaCrescent later this week. I have about 48 LaCrescent vines to plant. The vines will be going into two 200 ft rows. I added 5 lbs of muriate of potash to each row, and about 7 lbs of aluminum sulfate to each row. The potash was to correct the low potassium, and the aluminum sulfate to lower the ph ... the soil is quite alkaline in our area.
Tomorrow, I will try to get the holes for the vines ready. Hopefully the vines will show up tomorrow, and I can get them in the ground. But they may have to wait until Thursday or Friday ... when the temperatures are in the 50s and it's raining heavily.

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