Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The vines arrive ... well not exactly

My vines arrived today. I planned to plant two rows of LaCrescent vines .... unfortunately, they only sent 10 LaCrescent vines. The rest were LaCrosse! I called Double A hoping that they were just marked wrong .... nope ..... they sent the wrong vines. They told me I could go ahead and keep the LaCrosse, and they sent out my LaCrescent this afternoon. I should get them by Friday.

I had all of my holes ready before I discovered the mistake, so I planted the ten LaCrescent vines that were sent. I mixed in about a tablespoon of muriate of potash with each vine.
I heeled the 50 LaCrosse vines on the Northwest corner of hill under some box elder trees. I then covered them with a tarp. I'm not sure where I am going to plant them. I am out of space near the park. I may put them on the east end of the same field.

I also got 6 replacement cab sauvignon vines that died immediately after planting last year. I planted them in the same location where the other vines died.

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